1. Another Day

From the recording Shocking Revelations

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Another Day

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Another Day

Going nowhere fast
One man race, you’ll end up last
No one hears you pray
Dreams might come true another day

To go it alone you must be strong
You know that it’s better until you’re proven wrong
What to do, what to say?
Love is a word for another day

Depression writes in your book
Filled all the pages while you didn’t look
A happy song might come your way
But that’s a song for another day

You see them lying on the grass
Summer is here but it will pass
The ground was frozen wherever you lay
Joy is a feeling for another day

It feels so dark and dreary
And the moon seems so eerie
When there’s no sign of a sun ray
You’ll find peace another day
Dreams might come true another day
Love is a word for another day
You might find peace another day